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Getting the Database

Get All Data

We provide 13,940 videos with 60 musical pieces, which adds up to about 515 Gigabytes in total. We describe the structure of the database at Database Structure. Every file in the database comes with a unique URL so that each file is separately downloadable. To get the entire database, download the list containing pairs of file names and URLs into a directory, and then execute the following or similar command at the same directory to download files:

$ cat {list}.csv | xargs -I{} -P 4 wget {}

e.g. $ cat raw_10M_all_video_url.csv | xargs -I{} -P 4 wget {}


$ wget -i

Check Data

Compare the total file size to the one described in the list. If they match, the files have been downloaded successfully.

To filter the files to be downloaded depending on the purpose, you can take advantage of the format of the file names. The file name contains information regarding the dance genre, situation, dancer, camera, music, and the choreography. For instance,


can be formatted as


Please see Formats for a more detailed description on the file name formatting.

Here are examples of commands to filter out files upon specific requests.

  • files recorded with a front-facing camera
    • $ cat {list}.csv | grep c01 | xargs -I{} -P 4 wget {}
  • files containing "Basic Dance" only
    • $ cat {list}.csv | grep sBM | xargs -I{} -P 4 wget {}
  • files of Dancer01 recorded with the front-facing camera
    • $ cat {list}.csv | grep c01_d01 | xargs -I{} -P 4 wget {}

Get Only Music Data

You can download audio files of musical pieces used in the videos.

$ wget -i

$ wget -i

or Zip files.

Get Data One by One

You can download files separately by clicking the link at All Links.